Legwear can be conceptual art in itself. Just look at these cheeky Penti Climbing up tights by Kenan Doğulu. Or perhap sporting the New York City subway map on your thighs is more your thing?

How would you feel about a socks or shirts carpet for your living room floor? Israeli designer Keren Shiker “transforms everyday materials you find around the home into warm, fuzzy rugs by using her ‘obsessive repetitiveness of a single product’ idea”.

If you don’t like socks showing when wearing pumps, but your legs are perpetually cold, then Keysocks might be the answer. Quite a nifty idea, don’t you think?

Fab Links from Our Members

Annagybe discovered Part Nouveau, a blog with beautiful visuals that seamlessly marries fashion with history.

Kat from Corporette explores the pros and cons of wearing Geek Chic Eyewear to the office. Angie recommends that you read the interesting comments too.

For all of us who have recently lost a pet, Kalli wanted to link to this touching photo special about the relationship between photographer Hiroyuki Ito and his cat Meeno.

Jane Birkin, still considered by many the epitome of effortless style, shows a darker, more self-centered part of herself in this interview, says Vildy — a reminder not to envy people who seem to be effortlessly sailing through life.

These 5 Strategies to Get Rid of Clutter on The Everyday Minimalist really spoke to Ramya.

Deb has been following renowned makeup artist Lisa Eldridge for a couple of years and thoroughly enjoyed her interview on the Today Show site.