It is hard to make a general rule about the amount of skin you should show between the top of your boots and the hem of your skirt. There are just too many variables. The style of the boots, the silhouette of the skirt, your height, your body type and the hosiery you wear are all factors in the equation. I’ve seen everything work: from thigh-high minis with calf length boots, to mid-calf skirts and knee-high boots.

One combination that seems to work on almost everyone right now is a knee-length skirt or dress worn with knee-high boots. Experimentation will reveal whether you should show the knee cap, show just part of the knee cap or cover the knee completely. Hose keeps you warm and often finishes the look, but isn’t a necessity.

Personally, I like my skirt and boots combination best when my kneecap is covered and there’s a hint of skin before the top of the boot (either with or without hose). I also like to wear skirt and boot ensembles that show no skin at all. Occasionally I’ll wear a skirt or dress that shows my entire knee cap but that’s rare. In these shorter skirt instances, I’ve found that adding monochromatic textured hose gives my legs more shape.

Have you found your skirt-skin-boots sweet spot, or is it still a mystery?

Morning Glory Smocked SkirtPrinted Silk Georgette SkirtWool Herringbone Skirt

Mini-skirts with calf length and knee-high boot combinations, each showing a different amount of space between the hem of the skirt and the top of the boots.

Bexley Bi-Stretch Twill Straight SkirtLong Windowpane Skirt

Longer skirt styles showcasing less or no leg space between the end of the skirt and the top of the boots. This is my personal skirt-skin-boots sweet spot.