Embrace this day of eating and merrymaking by staying away from form fitting clothing. Opt for ensemble pieces that stylishly float away from the tummy area:

  1. Voluminous tops with hip welts that allow for easy belly expansion
  2. Woven tops that are forgiving on the torso
  3. A-line empire cut tunics and dresses that gracefully widen when you do
  4. Capes and trapeze tops that hide a multitude of sins
  5. Leggings that stretch in all the right places
  6. Jeans that grow (highly frustrating under normal circumstances but they’ll come in handy today)

I’m wearing a roomy grey sweater dress with cream knee-high go-go boots and pearls. I’m cozy, comfy and ready to pack in the delicacies of the day. Can’t wait!

We at YLF wish you a happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your continued support. You’re fab.