I like the pairing of cropped sweaters with skirts for four reasons. One, the proportions look fresh. Two, it’s a great way to de-bombshell a pencil skirt as well as dress it down when the sweater is boxy. Three, it’s so comfortable. And four, cropped knitwear brings back fond memories of fun ’80s fashion. 

The photos below show an assortment of cropped sweaters worn over skirts. Some of the knits are chunky and some fine gauge. Some are fitted and some boxy. Some necklines are high and some are low. 

I like all the variations, but have my favourites. I like the cropped chunky boxy fits best over pencil skirts, and the more streamlined cropped fits best over flared skirts. Although I don’t have this version covered in the photos, chunky-boxy versions work well over a flared skirt, both short and long, if the sweater is VERY cropped (like midriff baring cropped).

I just bought a form-fitting cropped, multi-coloured twinset in a fine gauge knit that I love to wear with wide leg trousers and flared skirts. It’s cropped to my waist and looks quite cheeky. To wear it with a pencil skirt works, but is not my favourite combination because it feels too “bombshell” for my style. Although the pairing is fab on those who like to wear body conscious outfits. 

You might have a cropped sweater lurking in your closet that doesn’t get much wear. Try it over a pencil or flared skirt just for fun. Or try on a cropped sweater in stores if you’d like to give the look a bash. Add in hose and footwear of your choice and you’re done. Who is going to try this combination?

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