I’m mixing things up in this week’s poll by giving you a choice of several Teams. But you can still only pick one of them. You are sitting this one out on the bench with pumpkin loaf and hot chocolate if you can’t pick a side, or if none of the teams are appealing. 

Please select your favourite animal print, whether it’s in the form of clothing, footwear or accessories. Here are your options:

  1. Cat Prints 
  2. Zebra Prints
  3. Snake Skin Prints
  4. Giraffe Prints 
  5. Pony Prints

I have cat, zebra, snake skin and giraffe prints represented in my wardrobe. Cat prints, both cheetah, leopard and variations of them, are the most represented. But snake skin has my heart because I like that type of animal print best. I am on Team Snake Skin Prints. 

Over to you. Which Animal Print Team are you batting for?