Casual maxi skirts are trending for Spring 2011 and there are only two instances where I vote yay for the item:  when you’re required to cover up head to toe for religious and spiritual reasons, or when they form part of a national and cultural dress code like they often do in India and Malaysia. For the rest I vote nay.

I just can’t rationalize an ankle length skirt in a casual ensemble. Long skirt silhouettes scream formal wear to me and that’s the only way I can see it. This is a completely subjective opinion, but I’d much rather see a bit of leg when you sport an outfit with a relaxed vibe.

On the other hand, I love uber formal maxi skirts. Carolina Herrera’s creations spring to mind, especially when she pairs one of her killer white blouses with an impeccably cut fish tail creation. I also adore interestingly designed calf-length skirts when worn in fun arty ways. Think of those All Saints skirts that look amazing when matched with edgy jackets and boots. At least we can see a little more of the leg that way!

Bottom line: I will absolutely not be wearing casual maxi skirts this season. What’s your verdict?