I’m regular height at 5 feet 6 inches, but people sometimes think I am shorter than that. In fact, on more than one occasion a salesperson has told me I that should look in the petites area (implying that they thought I was around 5′ 3″). I asked Greg whether I look shorter than my height to which he said, “No, you look like your height”. But he also reminded me that I rarely wear heels and when I do, they are seldom above two inches. So maybe that’s why some people think I’m petite. They assume that I’m wearing heels.

Greg also said that when I wear 3 inch heels I seem MUCH taller than normal, and that he always has to get used to my elevated height on those occasions. I wonder if people would think I was tall if I regularly wore 3 inch heels.

I find it quite easy to accurately assess the height of others in real life, whether they wear heels or flats. I tend to misjudge height in photographs though. For example, when our forum members post their outfit pictures, I’m amazed when some ladies who look regular height are actually around 5 feet, while others who are almost 6 feet look shorter. So interesting! I’m sure there are some body types that naturally seem taller or shorter than others.

How good are you at accurately assessing a person’s height both in real life and on photographs? Do you find that people assess your height correctly?