It tickles my toes when the trends that we saw on the runways of Fashion Week start appearing in stores, both as fringe and mainstream fashion. It is even more fun to start wearing the new looks that appeal to your fashion persona. So without further ado, here is what’s in store for us over the next six months of fashion:

  1. Many contrasts: We’ll see long and short skirts and dresses, tailored and voluminous silhouettes, cropped tops and tunics, flared legs and tapered trousers and jeans, high heels and low heels, brights and muted neutrals, flared skirts and pencil skirts. This is the most important characteristic of the season and a brilliant one in my book. Variety is the spice of life.
  2. 70’s inspiration: YES! Casual, bohemian hippy chic combined with the ultra glamorous side of that decade. I’m bypassing boho looks, but I’m already all over fitted dressy blouses, tailored denim blazers, short A-line skirts, jumpsuits, long leather coats, long pendant necklaces, cravat scarf tying, and tucking tops into high rise trouser cuts.
  3. 80’s street influences: Always close to my heart. You’ll still see lots of tapered jeans and slim cut trouser silhouettes, banded tops, sharp shouldered jackets, dolman sleeves, pleated trousers, biker jackets and big blouses.
  4. Trousers, trousers, trousers: Flared leg pants and jeans worn with tucked in blouses or knitwear and platform heels is the “it” look you’ll see in magazines. It’s a pants season so think flared trousers and jeans, short shorts, harem pants and palazzos.
  5. Blouses, blouses, blouses: It’s also a blouse season and I’m delighted. As captain of Team Blouse I’m stocking up on blouses of every description, both tailored and voluminous in silhouette. Can’t wait!
  6. Brights: Move over jewel tones and hello tomato red, citron yellow, lavender purple, emerald green, turquoise and cobalt blue. Big thumbs up from me.
  7. Beige and white: There is supposed to be as much beige and white this season as there are brights. I’m all for the white, but will bypass the beige.
  8. Abstract patterns: Mixing up organic and geometric designs sounds interesting. Bring it on.
  9. White accessories: Think white belts, bags, footwear, watches, hats, hair bands, bangles, and pendants.
  10. White dresses: It is the season of the little or long white dress.
  11. Pleated skirts: I’ve been after a short, knife pleated skirt for a while. Hope I find one soon.
  12. Casual maxi dresses and skirts: I actually wore them up until the age of 10 and here’s the proof. This is one look, of which there are only a handful, that I cannot support. I’m not a fan and dare say I never will be. Super dressy maxi dresses and skirts are fabulous at uber formal functions and that’s where the look should stay. Of course this is a completely subjective opinion and your perspective may be different.
  13. Tie-dye and fringe: In true 70’s boho style. It’s not my thing, but fun on other people.
  14. Short trench coats: I prefer long trench coats, but shorter lengths make sense for warm Spring climates.
  15. Crochet Cardigans: More hippy chic that I’ll leave to those who like the vibe.
  16. Stripes: YES! And not just on tops, but on jackets, scarves, blazers, skirts and handbags. The striped blazers in Banana Republic at the moment are delicious.
  17. Bows: On blouses, bags, footwear, dresses and skirts.
  18. Cut away backs: An 80’s look that’s fab, provided you can still wear a bra or are comfortable sans support.
  19. Espadrilles, flat and heeled loafers, high heeled corked wedges, flat oxfords: Nice. I’m happy to see caged footwear move from center stage.
  20. Platform wedges: Low heeled platforms are back. Could be fab, because it’s a way to achieve extra height without arching the foot.
  21. Clogs and low heeled sling back pumps: Clogs are still going strong and sling backs are making a comeback.
  22. Extra wide rimmed sun hats and floppy hats: Think Ali McGraw and Barbara Streisand. I don’t look good in hats, but if you do, please wear them for me.
  23. Animal Print: And it’s all about cats. Not zebra, giraffe, pony or croc. Cheetah and Leopard, ladies. I vote yay.
  24. Silk scarves: Floppy silk scarves are all the new rage. Wear them cravat style inside shirt collars, or knotted high against the neck, or looped tightly around the neck with both sides hanging back down across the front of the body.
  25. Chain handle bags: It’s taken me a while to get used to this look but I’m on board if the chains are dainty and retro.

Who’s ready for Spring? Goodness knows I am, even though it will be ages before it warms up around here. Not to worry though. We can creatively introduce the newness of the next season during the dead of Winter, as I’m sure many of you have already started to do.

I say this each time I share the trends of an upcoming season and I’ll say it again – I’m excited! No season is perfect, but there is always something new to like and wear in the new collections. How do these trends grab you?