Guidelines on what length coat looks best with a flared skirt or dress will differ, but let me share the two options that I think work really well. 

  1. A cropped coat: We’re talking about a coat hem that ends between your waistline and crotch point. The point is that there is a large distance between the hem of the coat and the hem of the dress or skirt. To my eye, when the distance between the two hemlines is smaller than what I have described, the proportions are off and the combination can look a little dowdy. 
  2. A coat at least as long as the length of the dress or skirt: In this way, the hem of the flared skirt or dress does not peek out from under the coat. That’s why the coverage of midi coats is handy. They work with many dress and skirt lengths and silhouettes. 

The key here is that the hemlines of the coat and the dress or skirt must not compete with each other. 

Pencil skirts or dresses with tapered side seams are much more versatile in this respect. Just about any length of coat will work. Somehow, the hem lengths don’t compete when the visible under layer is narrow and form fitting.