The midi coat trend goes hand in hand with the midi skirt and dress trend. They are longer, with lengths at least an inch over the knee. 

I LOVE structured coats that are knee-length or just below the knee. I find them very flattering and versatile. They work extremely well over skirts and dresses, AND over jeans and trousers. The extra warmth, dressier vibe, and drama appeals to me. I’m not fond of coats that are longer than a couple of inches below the knee. Those I often find unflattering because they are overwhelming. 

For most women sleek bodice tailoring is the key to making a midi coat work. There are nice coats that are shaped like inverted triangles (oversized on top and tapering to the hem), but this is not an easy silhouette to wear. Unless you are statuesque, the coat will be wearing you instead of the other way around.

My only complaint about midi coats is that we aren’t seeing enough of them. I’d love them to become mainstream so that there is a larger variety of coat lengths to choose from. But shorter mid-thigh coats reign supreme. While this is a length I love to wear with trousers and jeans, my heart is with the knee-length or midi coat because the extra length makes me feel covered, dressy and dramatic. 

What’s your favourite coat length? Are you feeling midi coats?