This year’s ’70s revival has brought with it a great resurgence of wide legged trousers and jeans. To clarify, wide leg jeans and trousers are more flared throughout the line of the leg than bootcuts. Bootcuts are streamlined through the thigh and flared from the knee down. Some bootcuts are more flared than others. 

I am Team Bootcut. I generally don’t wear jeans or trousers that are wide throughout the leg. My Gap Long and Lean jeans and suit trousers are the closest that I have to wide leg bottoms, and they aren’t that wide. I feel wider when I wear wide legs, and the extra fabric flapping around my lower legs is not my cup of tea. Plus, I often feel that they overwhelm my frame. I much prefer bootcuts when I’m not wearing tapered leg jeans and trousers. More tailored and sleek.

Over to you. Are you Team Wide Leg or Team Bootcut? Tell us why, and no batting for both sides.