Formal suits are probably one of the least popular items on YLF. People generally believe they look overly formal, business-y, strict and conservative. Not to mention the discomfort associated with wearing a suit. More often than not, women wear suits for professional and corporate reasons only, or to the odd interview and funeral. Wearing suits for any other reason seems a batty idea.

Well, I’m one of the batty ones. I LOVE an impeccably tailored suit and wear one just for the heck of it! A well cut suit exudes a simple and strong modern style message with just a hint of 70’s glam. Think Calvin Klein, DKNY and Ralph Lauren. I find that very appealing, so much so that I feel magical each time I wear a suit. I’ve had them in my wardrobe for the last 15 years and don’t see that changing at all. In the 90’s I wore lots of skirt and trouser suits, and amidst a sea of black, I even had suits in lime green, red, cobalt blue and light blue. More recently my preference is for a charcoal grey pinstripe.

I wore this outfit last Friday when we had dinner at Le Pichet with dear friends.  It’s a variation on an ensemble I described a few months ago when I matched a different suit with a turtleneck, studded belt and Frye ankle boots. This time I wore my Theory suit, swapped out the turtleneck for a black Brooks Brothers, non-iron button down shirt, added my gold medallion and carried the new Lulu Guinness instead of a clutch. It was raining that night so I popped over my cream trench and snuggled up with Greg under a polka dot umbrella.

It was an evening filled with food, exuberant laughter and a bit of city walking. I was extremely comfortable in my suit, which I loosened up by scrunching up the sleeves and adding a casual belt and footwear. Because I’m really into livening up grey with yellow gold at the moment, my new watch, gold wedding ring and my late Mum’s medallion were obvious accessory choices.

I do understand that this outfit is an acquired taste. A dressier belt with matching pumps would have been much more predictable. But it’s part of my style to add small unexpected touches to my outfits, and I’m always kind to my feet. Plus, I really get a kick out of testing the marriage between formal and casual outfit elements, taking them as far as I can.

These photos were taken close to home in a cool part of town called Capitol Hill. Out of the blue, passer by Rodelio, impulsively posed next to me while Greg was taking pictures. His colourful, casual and creative ensemble contrasts brilliantly with my monochromatic and conservative outfit. Love it!

Maybe my love for suits also stems from the fact that I don’t need to wear one every day. That way I can play dress up with non-corporate ensembles. Suits are not often described as fun clothing items, but I derive great enjoyment from wearing mine.

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