I am not a trouser and dressy slacks gal at all. Apart from jeans, skinny micro check pants, and slouchy harem pants, I don’t wear trousers. I much prefer to wear dresses and skirts when I need to be dressy. But I do have a charcoal baby pinstripe suit that you have seen me wear before. I’ve had it for years and still enjoy wearing it both in classic and unexpected ensembles.

After talking about impeccable Theory suits with an international online client on Saturday afternoon, I really felt like wearing my own suit again. We were going out to a little French Bistro with dear friends that evening and that was the perfect opportunity. I paired it with a sleek black turtle neck which I tucked into the suit trousers leaving the suit jacket un-buttoned. I liked the contrast of the charcoal pinstripe with the black. To dress down the suit, I matched it up with a very casual fawn coloured studded belt (looping it through the belt loops), and my fawn Frye ankle boots. The exact boots and belt are pictured.

I was going to wear my gold medallion over the turtle neck, but left it off to keep the look simple. Instead I finished off the ensemble with a chunky pearl cocktail ring, white watch, white specs, and grey clutch with metallic eyelet beadwork.  I felt very “Ralph Lauren” all night.

Eventually I’ll post a picture of the outfit but in the meantime I have added below items that are similar to the rest of my ensemble. My suit comes in handy, and I do enjoy pairing it with unexpected items. I’m inspired to try more interesting combinations with my suit when we go out next weekend. Hmmm. I must be getting into this season’s trouser vibe after all.

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