Hubby Greg knew that I wouldn’t be married to my original wedding ring. So over the last 14 years of marriage, I’ve changed my wedding ring style several times. I hope that doesn’t shock you.

When we got engaged in 1996, Greg selected a gold and white gold wedding ring with a few small, centered diamonds. I was never into the idea of wearing an engagement ring AND a wedding band, so I had two gold wedding bands fused to either side of the engagement ring so that it became a single chunky piece. I absolutely loved it and wore it for a few years with a mixed metallic watch. I have this thing that my wedding ring and watch need to match.

When simple platinum jewelry became all the range in the late 90’s I changed my wedding ring look to a plain, platinum wedding band. I got the same ring for Greg and wore that for a few years. I also changed my watch look to just silver.

My Mum passed away in 2000 and at that moment I really wanted to wear her wedding ring, which is an engraved gold wedding band. I did that for a year or so and wore a mixed metallic watch to match the gold ring. After a while I went back to wearing my plain platinum wedding band with silver watches.

In 2003 I stumbled across a ring that stole my heart. It’s a 1938 vintage estate piece, white gold, pave in design with microscopic scattered diamonds. I’ve been wearing this wedding ring for the longest time and it’s been the favourite so far. And it works well with my white and silver watches.

I am still on the lookout for a chunky brushed gold watch. When I find it, I’ll both wear it with my Mum’s gold wedding ring or the original gold and white gold wedding ring that Greg gave me.

It might seem odd that over the years I’ve changed my wedding ring style and that I am now in a position where I can swap out wedding rings and watches with the rest of my ensemble. But I guess that’s my wedding ring persona! I don’t want to swap out my husband but I do want to swap out the ring.

I’ve already been thinking about my next wedding ring, although I won’t be adding it to my collection any time soon. It will be a Mikimoto pearl and probably in white gold.