This one is especially for members of Team Heels. Although I’m on Team Flats, I do wear low heels and very occasionally go up to three inches (my sitting shoes). All my heels, unless they are wedges, are chunky and stacked. I do not have stiletto heeled shoes because I prefer the stability and overall look of a chunkier stacked heel. I am Team Stacked Heel.

Ironically, my small, regular width, bony feet look good in a stiletto heel since the proportions work in harmony. As much as I like stacked heels, I have to keep the style of the shoe fairly refined in order to pull off the silhouette. If the heels and style of the shoe are too chunky, the shoes look like they are wearing me.

Over to you. Are you Team Stiletto or Team Stacked Heels? Tell us why. No batting for both Teams. You can sit this one out if you don’t wear heels or if you like both styles equally.