I’ve been promoting micro-check pants as a stylish alternative to jeans for ages, but I have the impression that many people still have their doubts. Perhaps they need to see more people sport these pants and adjust their eyes to the style. Although micro-check pants are a typical Euro look, they are hard to find in the US. This no doubt contributes to the lack of adoption.

For me, micro-check pants are indispensable. They’re fabulous when paired with the right pieces and my wardrobe would not be the same without them. I have three pairs, but the casual cream and black checked skinnies that you see below are my hands down favourite casual pants. They’re soft, stretchy, flattering and loads of fun. I can wear them with different moods and in several combinations. Here are three examples:

  1. Classic: add an immaculate button-down for a streamlined look.
  2. Retro: add a voluminous jacket for a 50’s vibe.
  3. Edgy: add a biker jacket for a bit of tough girl sass.


It doesn’t stop there. Add a graphic T and waistcoat, sport a cowl neck top with a V-neck cardigan, or match up a knitted top with a denim jacket. The possibilities are endless. I wear black, red, yellow or cream ballet flats with these pants most of the time, but occasionally I’ll add a pair of pumps. You could also wear Converse sneakers if the hems are boot cut or wider. This particular pair is skinny so I don’t wear them with Converse (that’s too young looking for a 38 year old).

I bought these pants in Spain last year, so you probably won’t find the exact same pair. My clients got lucky at Talbots, Facconable and Macys last season. This season I’ve seen similar pairs at Euro stores in the US like Zara, H&M, French Connection, and Esprit. And I’ve just spotted a fabulous pair at Club Monaco that has my name all over them.