Casual micro-check pants have started to surface in the US. I really like the look of these pants and have two pairs that I enjoy wearing when I’m bored of denim, but in the mood for a relaxed pants look. They are a great alternative to jeans in the casual pants category.

A “micro-check” is a monochromatic, fairly subtle, plaid design. Micro-checks can be casual or business casual depending on the integrity of the fabric. In order for this look to stay casual, you’re after pants in a cotton-rich fabrication. Fabric is key. Purchase these pants in a rayon or viscose wool blend and they’re instantly dressy.

Select a leg silhouette that works for you and commit to a heel height. I like micro-check pants best matched with plain tops, but prints will work if you choose them carefully. Add a denim jacket when it’s chilly and check-mate, you’ve beaten the casual pants dilemma.

Plaid Low Rise Flare PantsPlaid Straight Leg Pantsplaid-low-rise-flare-zoom.jpgplaid-straight-leg-zoom.jpg

The Gap has two nice micro-check pants options in at the moment (98% cotton, 2% spandex).The one style is flared and the other straight. The black and white flared leg is not nearly as low rise as its described. It has a brilliant adjustment detail to make it fit perfectly on the waistline.