I run into loads of Mums taking kids on shopping sprees at this time of year. I suspect that treating kids to new clothes before school starts is common. Perhaps even an American tradition and a fun bonding opportunity.

The concept of wearing civvies to school is completely foreign to me. I wore a school uniform for both Primary and High school. As much as I disliked my uniform, it made life easy. I  knew exactly what I had to wear each morning. There was no clothing rivalry because everybody looked the same (for the most part anyway). As soon as I grew out of my uniform, my parents bought the next size up without pause. My individual school style was stifled, but I made up for that after hours. We dressed up to the nines every opportunity we got. Walking across the road to hang out with a neighbour became a major fashion event.

School must have been a different experience sans the uniform. I’d love to hear what it was like expressing your individual style at school. How did you feel about what you wore, and how did  your peers make you feel about your style? Is there really variety, or is it just a new type of uniform as most kids make every effort to conform with their cool outfits from AE, Abercrombie and Fitch, Old Navy and Hollister.