I adore timeless denim skirts and always have a few in my wardrobe. They are a nice alternative to jeans for casual and smart casual dressing. I’ve found them extremely versatile and cost effective because they are inexpensive and I can wear them throughout the year. They’re ideal in warm weather with a top and sandals, and just as fab in cool weather with knee-high boots and a cropped jacket.

One of my complaints every season is the lack of denim skirt variety. I’d welcome a range of silhouettes, colours, lengths and washes. At the moment, there’s a nice selection of knee-length straight-ish denim skirts. It’s a look most body types can wear if you get the right fit on the hip and thigh area:

  • To create a curve:  choose a style that tapers in towards the knee.
  • To straighten a curve: choose a style that hangs straight from the hip down, or flares out slightly.

I personally prefer a dark wash, but have successfully popped clients into lighter washes, black-black, cream and grey denim skirts as well. If you don’t have one already, consider adding a denim skirt to your wardrobe. It’s a great way to get out of a pants rut.

Women's Denim Pencil SkirtsDark Rinse Pencil SkirtShiori Pencil Skirt

Denim Straight SkirtDiesel Arikalong Skirt in Dark DenimBlack Denim Sailor Skirt

An assortment of knee length straight denim skirts. Some of the side seams taper in, while others hang straight or  flare out slightly. Dress them up or down and make skirts a “go-to item” when you’re sick of jeans.