Today is Laura‘s second guest post in a series on her experiences with Angie’s flop proof outfit formulas. Laura is an uber-stylish mother, professional writer and active YLF forum member from Chicago.

Another true confession: Until I road-tested Angie’s flop-proof outfits for “mom on the go,” (outfit 1, outfit 2, and outfit 3) dresses and skirts seemed, well, a bit too formal. Impractical, even. Moms in dresses evoked June Cleaver in a poufy crinoline, complete with apron and heels, carrying a tray of icy cold lemonade to her three sons on a hot summer’s day. Haven’t we modern mamas gone beyond that?

Then I met Angie at the YLF convention in New York, and all it took for her to convert me was 30 minutes in the dress department of Macy’s. (I am an easy target! Plus, Angie is persuasive and always right!). In the dressing room, trying on piles of casual day dresses, Angie showed me how easy and flattering a dress can be.

For moms-on-the-go, it’s all about a CASUAL skirt or dress worn with flats, or a tiny wedge heel. Imagine popping on a cami, a dress and a pair of flats and looking completely put together. Really, what could be easier? The clincher was that because I live with three boys (including my dear husband), wearing dresses and skirts keeps me in touch with my feminine side. Hurray for skirts and dresses!

Today, I’m here to convert you, too. Moms CAN run around after kids in skirts and dresses, provided that your footwear is comfy and practical. If you’re concerned about cleaning, buy garments that are wash-and-wear. And while it’s not ideal to climb on playground equipment in a skirt, you don’t climb on monkey bars all day, every day (unless you are an actual monkey). Sooner rather than later, your tippy toddler will become a well-balanced preschooler and you’ll be keeping your feet on the ground.

The dress formula: casual day dress + cami + cropped cardi or denim jacket + ballet flats + statement bag

Mom-on-the-Go Dresses

This dress will flatter most body types and can easily be dressed up or down. Imagine it with heels and a statement necklace for a Mother’s Day brunch. On a mom-on-the-go day, dress it down with a denim jacket, and add a pop of color with yellow flats.

The skirt formula: skirt + girlie top or graphic T + short-sleeved cardi or denim jacket + ballet flats, sporty flats or sporty mary janes + statement bag

Mom-on-the-Go Skirts

This fun, casual skirt outfit is cool and swingy and will take me on errands and to the farmer’s market this summer. Angie has loads of clients wearing these Ecco skimmers and they are highly recommended!

Don’t worry if the shapes or colors above aren’t best for you. Simply substitute items that fit your color preferences and body type. Everyone can find a dress and skirt shape to suit their figure. You can start with the Dresses category here at YLF. For more inspiration, check out some of the fashion-forward moms who post their outfits on the forum, like Patience, Dani, Shiny, Kyle, Marianne and Antje, or others who aren’t moms, but have mastered the casual look, like Tanya.

Moms-on-the-go, let’s hear from you. Can dresses and skirts fit into your lifestyle? Have I convinced you to make them part of your wardrobe this spring?