Using a graphic, printed T-shirt as a layering item under a structured blazer or jacket makes for a superb little look. Match it up with jeans, casual pants or slacks and Bob’s your uncle, you’re casual AND put together all at once. Add dressy shoes and accessories for a smarter appearance, or Converse for a casual vibe. The combination of the arty T with a structured top layer has loads of possibilities.

I also like the effect of a playful graphic T worn under a serious suit. It adds an easy-going twist. Substituting pants for skirts is also a fab idea. Opting for a tailored waistcoat instead of a structured jacket is yet another. But take the structured top layer away and you’re left wearing a T-shirt with a bottom, which is not a good look on anyone older than a typical college student. So if you thought I was condoning “the T-shirt look”, no such luck! It’s all about adding a somewhat sophisticated top layer for it to pass the stylish test.

This outfit combo can be worn by all ages if the components are right. You guessed it, I’ve got clients in their late 60’s rocking the look. They err on the smarter side of casual, but it’s still pretty casual, which goes down well in a number of settings.

MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Dylan' Stripe Blazer  William Rast Zip Pocket Vest

You’ll find a great selection of inexpensive graphic T’s at places like Urban Outfitters and H&M. If you’re already sporting the look, help me to inspire others. If you’re not, give it a go.

Ana Antje Eva Julia Nicole Lee

Forum members Ana, Antje, Eva, Julia, Nicole and Lee have been experimenting with the concept (click the thumbnails to see larger images). Maya bought the look during the YLF shopping day in Manhattan. They’ve all got it down.