Many of us have a good few months of cold weather to endure before the weather warms up, but we’ve seen the last of Autumn and Winter in retail stores (blame the retail cycle). Cold weather merchandise is on heavy markdown so if you’re still in the market for that, shop online for the best deals in town.

Spring collections are unfolding and as always I’m champing at the bit to talk about them. But you know the drill. I like to end off a retail season by sharing our final thoughts on the last six months of fashion:

Here are my raves (hold off on the rants because we’ll do those tomorrow):

  • Biker jackets: I absolutely love this look because I’ve always been “a biker girl”. The trend is going through to Spring and Autumn so don’t give up on the look if you want to incorporate it into your style. And if you’re like me, it will ALWAYS be part of your style.
  • Boots, boots and more boots: A cold weather season without boots is like putting on an outfit without a bra. The two go hand in hand. There was an excellent assortment of flat boots this season and I particularly enjoyed the resurgence of Dr. Martens and slouchy styles. Tucking jeans into boots is practical, sleek and flop proof for wet, snowy weather and it happens to be one of my very favourite Winter looks. The look is here to stay so if you missed it this season, they’re always next time.
  • Pencil skirts: You’ve got to love a gal in a pencil skirt. It’s a killer look and my best skirt silhouette.
  • Boyfriend cardigans: I committed to one of these when they first surfaced and have thoroughly enjoyed wearing it belted. It made for a nice change alongside its forever fashionable cropped counterpart.
  • Skinny belts: Love them and didn’t wear a skirt ensemble without them. They added the perfect dose of polish each time.
  • Waistcoats: I like adding menswear inspired pieces to my wardrobe and the waistcoat is a superb way of doing just that.
  • Ruffle and zipper detailing: I like ruffles on anything and zippers add a certain edge. It’s right up my alley to combine both looks into one outfit.
  • Tailored jackets: It’s wonderful to see the tailored jacket in stores again. For a while, trapeze styles flooded the market and they are much harder to wear. Long live the flop proof tailored jacket!
  • Higher rises: I love their “girdling effect”.
  • Bright colours: There’s nothing like a pop of saturated colour to get you through a cold Winter’s day. I especially enjoyed red, fuschia, yellow, and turquoise because they are my colours. But jewel tones reigned supreme with several of my clients and I’m glad that they were available this season.
  • Textured hose: Self-coloured patterned black hose makes me smile. They completed my skirt ensembles by adding fun and texture to the look. I wore everything from micro-fishnets and geometric patterns to animal prints and polka dots. There was an excellent assortment this season and I’m thinking of stocking up.
  • 80’s influences: We’re entering our third year of 80’s fashion inspiration and it’s loads of fun re-living and actually re-wearing the looks.

Another fabulous fashion season. I say that every time because there’s always something to like if you’re open to trying something new. Your turn ladies. What were your favourite trends this season?

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