I’ll give you one guess as to why these shirts are miraculous. They are non-iron. Thanks to forum member Taylor, who recommended I try the crease-resistent Miracle Shirts, I’m a loyal convert. Now that the weather is warming up my wardrobe won’t function without them, especially when I travel.

The Miracle Shirt comes in three different fits:

  1. Tailored: The slimmest and most shaped fit.
  2. Fitted: A fuller fit that’s still shaped.
  3. Classic: The least shaped fit.

If none of these work, Brooks Brothers will make you a non-iron shirt that fits! That costs a little extra, but the project might be worth the investment.

Miracle Shirts are available in a range of colours and run from sizes 0 to 20 (petites are also available). You’ll get a discount if you purchase two at a time, which is exactly what I did ($149 for both). I bought the tailored fit in white and black and wear both colours with equal frequency (I’m wearing the white here). The stiff, non-iron fabric makes sleeve scrunching and popping a real pleasure – right up my alley.

Although I like to wear well made, crisp white and black button down shirts on their own, I do understand that they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Here’s a little reminder that shirts also make ideal layering items, allowing other outfit items to shine.