I frequently use these techniques to add visual interest to my outfit. Perhaps it’s just in my head, but I feel more hip and cool when I pop my collar and scrunch up my sleeves. I’m also still amazed at how much better my outfits look once I’ve made these adjustments.

It’s reached the stage where it doesn’t feel right if I leave the collar lying flat, so I almost always pop the collar of shirts, blazers and jackets. I really enjoy the aesthetic and additional neck coverage. My collars tend to stay put popped because I have a long neck and short hair. These factors do help to make the look work, as does a pretty stiff collar.

I don’t always scrunch up, turn back or roll up shirt, blouse, jacket and knitwear sleeves, but I am doing it more and more often. The scrunch adds a super textural element to your outfit and it’s a great way to make an item elbow length (a very flattering sleeve length).

Popping collars works for all dress codes, from casual right through to formal attire. But scrunching up sleeves does add a more relaxed look to an outfit. So leave your sleeves down if you need to be more formal.

Obviously, when it’s cold, you’ll need as much coverage as you can get. I’ll keep my sleeves long under my coat, but often scrunch them back up when I’m all toasty indoors.

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Some effective examples of popping collars and scrunching sleeves.