There is a lot of overlap between Fernanda’s style and my own, so maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that in the process of her style journey, I discovered things about my own style that I have felt developing for a while, but couldn’t quite articulate. Now they make sense – so much so that I can write about them.

The high level summary is that more then ever before, I want to keep my outfits clean, simple, modern and bold. I have always been attracted to garments with strong simple lines; hence my love for military styling, mod dresses, sleek black turtlenecks, polka dots, button down shirts and androgynous outfits.

Here is what this means in a little more detail:

  • I want to wear fewer intentionally visible layers. I have done the layered look and moved on. Make no mistake, I’m still actually layered to the hilt because I’m always cold and live in a chilly city. But I want the layers to be hidden as opposed to contributing to the overall look of the outfit. The effect is simpler and cleaner and this is my goal right now.
  • Sometimes I like to look a little arty and I also enjoy interesting garment design detailing. But I am becoming less drawn to that way of dressing because it’s not quite clean and simple enough for this part of my style journey. I’ll keep my retro vibe because I’m still very much drawn to that. My love for pearls, Chanel, and 60’s and 80’s fashion runs too deep.
  • On the whole, I want to sport fewer accessories in one outfit. I’ll keep making a strong statement with my hair, eyewear, watch and handbag, but the rest will take more of a back seat. I will still wear belts, necklaces, ties, scarves and the odd bracelet – but in a simpler way.
  • I absolutely want to continue wearing mainstream trends and fringe trends when they tickle my fancy. That’s part of what makes fashion fun! But these trends have to be accompanied by classic pieces in order for them to feel like me. When I’m too trendy from head to toe, it doesn’t feel right. When I’m too classic from head to toe, it doesn’t feel right either. This was the most important penny that dropped when I was in Mexico.

The outfit below captures the current leg of my style journey well. A trendy belt, bold animal print shoes and an almost over the top pair of jeans are offset by a super classic, non-crease Brooks Brothers button down shirt and string of retro chunky pearls. My modern hair and specs in turn contrast with the classic integrity of the top half of this outfit. The bag adds an element of playful dramatic fun. I added my new black L.A.M.B jacket when it got cooler. It’s this type of outfit that feels most like me.

Style-wise, what felt right five years ago, or even last month, might not feel right today. That means our styles are evolving, which is a good thing in my book. Maybe you’ve recently had a style epiphany of your own and would like to share them in the comments section below.