As a writer and film critic, client Fernanda appears on local Mexican television a few times a week. Well done Mexican TV Media for putting Fernanda in front of the camera! She is beautiful, her manner compelling, and her charisma magnetic.

One of the things we worked on during our recent styling session was putting together outfits for her TV shows. She wanted her look to be different. In a way, she wanted to defy her environmental style norm.

Like me, Fernanda loves button down shirts and she also happens to like men’s ties. So in her first TV appearance after our styling session she wore a purple button down shirt and tie, along with skinny black trousers and wedged boots.

Fernanda said that when she walked into the recording studio, “people in the studio really liked the tie, and I felt very at ease wearing it”. Fernanda went further to say that: “I got some twitter comments from viewers saying that I looked especially good. They usually tweet me about the film I recommended, but this is the first time I got comments about my ‘look’. One of them said that purple was definitely my color. I’ve worn that purple shirt lots of times on TV, but it was obvious that this time the tie made it pop!”

I’m thrilled that Fernanda felt fab in her newly styled outfit AND that it received positive feedback. It just goes to show that if you’re determined and confident, defying your environmental style norm can work in your favour.

Click the image to see Fernanda in action.