Midi skirts and dresses, that finish somewhere between the bottom of the kneecap and the bottom of the calf, are making a comeback and I’m really happy about the emerging trend. My only complaint so far is that there aren’t enough midi length skirts and dresses in US stores.

Wearing skirts and dresses at this length can be tricky because it’s not universally flattering. But if you like midi skirts and dresses, these guidelines will help you de-frump the silhouette. Sometimes you’ll apply a few of the guidelines, and sometimes you’ll apply several to one outfit:

  • Tuck a top into a midi skirt: Exposing the entire skirt from natural waistline to hem lengthens the leg line, which to my eye looks more flattering. There are ways of wearing a short un-tucked top over a midi skirt, but this is more tricky.
  • Layer with a cropped jacket or cardigan: To keep a long leg line, layer with an item that doesn’t go below your waistline (see my outfit here).
  • Choose the right length skirt or dress: Petite ladies look best in midis that are just over the knee, while taller ladies can wear them longer.
  • Voluminous midi skirts are easier to de-frump: In my experience, midi skirts and dresses with interesting flared design details and tulle-petticoat-volume look more hip and less frumpy. Think of amazing All Saints skirts. Straight midi skirts are a little harder to pull off unless you wear high heels, but they do have a fabulous ‘40’s appeal.
  • Wear low vamped heels: Low vamped shoes extend the leg line without the added height of soaring heels. Sky scraping platform heels are still very popular and they look great with midis. But I really like the look of a flared midi skirt matched with kitten heels (think Audrey Hepburn). This is one of the newest and freshest looks in fashion at the moment and I’m all over it.
  • Wear shoes that create a low colour contrast with your legs: You’ve heard this a million times over. Wearing low colour contrasting shoes with skirts and dresses, as seen in the photos below, makes your legs look longer. And extending the leg line with this length of skirt prevents the dumpy and stumpy feeling. Nude shoes are a no-brainer, but metallic and light coloured shoes work just as well on bare legs.

Imogen and I were on the same wavelength because she just posted a set of guidelines on how to wear the tricky midi length skirt too. Stop by and have a look.

I REALLY want to add a killer flared midi skirt to my wardrobe asap. I am in love with the look and thoroughly bored with shorter skirts at the moment. Can you believe it! And I have a cupboard full of knee length skirts. I might need to hem a maxi skirt to get what I want.