Midi-length or “tea length” skirts and dresses finish somewhere between the bottom of the kneecap and the bottom of the calf. Form fitting midi skirts and dresses were very prevalent in the 1940’s. They were popular in flared silhouettes in the 1950’s. And they were popular in just about every silhouette in the 80’s – anyone remember the flared midi skirt that hitched up on one side?

I mentioned in my Spring 2011 Fashion Week coverage that hemlines were getting longer, and we’re starting to see hints of that happening this season. The midi skirt and dress trend is still very fringe, but judging by what I’ve seen at the Fall 2011 shows, midis are going to be mainstream in 6 months. And I’m very happy about it.

Give me the right midi skirt or frock a million times over a maxi skirt or dress. Somehow, the leg revealing length is much more flattering to my eye. I suspect that many will find the midi frumpy. Granted, petite women often look better in shorter skirts because they balance out proportions. The midi looks best when worn with at least a low heel, once again, to balance out proportions. But please don’t say no to this trend if it doesn’t light your fire immediately. Midis come in a range of lengths and silhouettes, and you might end up loving the look once you’ve found the version that’s right for you.

For those who prefer shorter skirts, don’t worry because they are absolutely sticking around. Hopefully we’ll see a great assortment of midis and minis over the next five years so that there is something for everyone. There will also be maxis for those who prefer that length of skirt and dress.

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