The 2011 Fall showings at New York Fashion Week Fashion are underway (10th to 17th Feb). Greg and I aren’t able to make it to NYC this time round, so I’ve been glued to my computer screen watching as much of the live show coverage as possible while tweeting up a storm about what I see. Although we’re not in NYC experiencing the magic first hand, there is something to be said for watching the shows from my front row office chair, with tea in hand and puppies at my feet. There is always a silver lining!

Although I’m here in Seattle, I will still be covering Fashion Week, bringing you the highlights and narrowing down the main trends for Fall 2011. Ater watching 18 live shows so far, it’s already clear that there are watershed fashion changes ahead of us.

Today is day 3 and my absolute favourite show so far is by young genius designer Jason Wu. The designs and colour palette appeal to my own style. Apart from a few exceptions, I can see myself wearing these outfits right now. We don’t have Greg’s killer photography, but you can get a taste of Wu’s brilliance from the photos available at

Wu’s collection was polished, ladylike and dramatic. The vibes of the outfits were both feminine and androgynous, which I think is a perfect combination. I really enjoyed seeing high necklines and normal three inch heels as opposed to the 5-inchers most runway models end up wearing.

The collection was generally black and cream with splashes of tan, grey, gold, cobalt, chartreuse and tomato red. I adored the dainty 70’s ruffles and satin ribbons on the collars of the blouses. I’m going to buy satin ribbon and try the effect on my own button down shirts and blouses – I’m that inspired. Skirts and dresses were generally A-line and trousers tapered.

I’m not a big black lace gal but the baroque lace insets, blouses, trims and headgear used throughout the collection has also inspired my style. And I’m already sporting the polka dot hose.

Jason Wu just became my second favorite fashion designer of all time. Chanel and Valentino are still tied for first place. View the full collection at