I usually spend most of Sunday preparing blog posts for the next few days because I run out of time during my busy work week. I always write on my desktop PC in our upstairs home office, which is where I am in this photo.

It was Sunday morning and I had just finished writing the blog post for Tuesday afternoon. I’m dressed casually in a pair of faded Seven For All Mankind bootcut jeans, white button down shirt, preppy argyle pullover, socks and house slippers. I’m nearsighted, so the specs are off, but the watch and wedding ring are on.

Even when Greg is not at his desk (which is just to the left of mine), I’m not alone in our home office. There is always a puppy or two at my feet, lying in one of the several doggie beds we have in this tiny space! Yorkies Jasmine and Rosie provide lots of warmth and inspiration and regularly jump onto my lap and hang out on my chair with me while I type. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m not always dressed casually when I write, since what I wear depends on what else I have planned for the day. So during the week when I have client appointments and business engagements, my computer sees me dressed in business or smart casual. But if you’ve ever wondered what I wear when I’m writing on a casual Sunday – this is it.