This is the first time in several years that I don’t have a formal holiday party on the calendar. I’m excited to attend the more casual holiday parties we’ve been invited to, but since I bat for Team Dressy I will miss getting all dressed up.

Then it dawned on me that I can still get all dressed up if I create my own fancy holiday party occasion. Instead of having fancy supper at home on Christmas Eve, we’re going out to my favourite Japanese Restaurant, Nishino. I’ll be a little over dressed for the occasion in this outfit but that’s alright by me.

I’m following my own suggestion by remixing last year’s party dress ensemble. I have been  aching to wear my cropped black biker jacket over my retro 50’s ball gown complete with tulle petticoat. Well, here I am road testing the look right in the middle of downtown Seattle amidst the Christmas lights. The unexpected pairing is an acquired taste for sure, but I feel fabulously festive and dressed up!

For formal occasions I usually pair my red patent heels, micro fishnets, vintage clutch, brocade shawl and several pearl necklaces with this dress, while leaving off the specs (see here, for example).

This year I’m keeping the ensemble completely neutral, bar my bright red lips. It is black from head to toe, which is a combination I don’t sport often.  I’m dressing down the ball gown with the biker jacket, swapping out the red pumps for black ones with bamboo stacked heels, throwing in diamond micro fishnet hose and finishing off the look with a grey and metallic clutch AND specs. Of course the pile of pearls has to stay put.

If you’re on Team Dressy I encourage you to also create your own formal dressing opportunities. It doesn’t really matter if you’re slightly over dressed for the evening this one time. What matters is that you had fun during the process and enjoyed being the belle of the ball.