Note: when I refer to skirts in this post I’m also including the skirt component of a frock, and not only skirt separates.

A straight skirt has side seams that lie somewhat straight against the sides of the body. The classic example is a pencil skirt. The side seams of a flared skirt, on the other hand, are not straight against the body and are therefore not as form fitting. Flared skirts can be paneled, gathered, A-line or pleated to create a more voluminous effect.

I love both skirt silhouettes! Although I often wear pencil skirts and straight sheath dresses, I also have two retro 50’s style fit-and-flare frocks with tulle petticoats (one in purple and one in black) that I absolutely adore. I like the swooshing sound they make when I stride and the Madmen vibe I feel when I wear them.  Super fun all round.

But I’m siding with Team Straight Skirt because that’s represented the most in my wardrobe. I find pencil skirts easy to fit and to wear, and I enjoy the curves they create on my body. However I’d be happy to bat for Team Flared Skirt in the future.

Over to you. Are you Team Straight or Team Flared Skirt? Tell us why and no batting for both teams. You’re on the bench if you don’t wear skirts or dresses at all. Let’s hear it.