Layering hosiery allows me to wear dresses and skirts all year round, even when temperatures plummet. I wear two pairs of hose with tall boots and all the necessary top layers, outerwear and Winter accessories to stay toasty throughout the day, indoors and out. This trick is effective even for someone who feels the cold as quickly as I do.

Here are three effective hosiery combinations for skirts and dresses:

  • Double opaques: If opaque tights are your thing, wear two pairs instead of one. The visual effect is more opaque, much like you’re wearing thick leggings.
  • One thick one thin: If too pairs of opaques is too warm, layer basic sheer hose underneath woolly tights or opaques.
  • Secret underneath layer: Sheer hose, patterned hose and fishnets are extra pretty and feminine but not as toasty as woolly tights or opaques. No problem! Layer a pair of inexpensive flesh toned sheer hose underneath the fancy hose and you are set. I like to layer flesh toned hose so that the effect of the patterned hose stays the same. You can also layer sheer black or coloured hose underneath patterned hose, but that will change the effect of the pattern on your legs.

Wear tall boots with your layered hosiery on bitterly cold days for the extra leg insulation. Pumps and short boots won’t keep you nearly as warm.

When it’s really freezing, layer a pair of thick opaque tights underneath your jeans. Long silk underwear or thermal long johns are also an option, but I prefer to layer hose because I find it more streamlined and comfortable.

You don’t need to break the bank when you layer hose. The underneath layer, which is hardly visible, can be the drugstore kind that’s as cheap as chips.