Happy anniversary Youlookfab! I can scarcely believe that it has been an entire year since my first post. I thought we could celebrate by reflecting on the posts and categories that have been the most popular.

Top 10 posts:

  1. The pretty pear (winner by far!)
  2. Perfect pants lengths please
  3. What is your fashion persona
  4. Smart casual for ladies
  5. The racy rectangle
  6. The androgynous look
  7. The body type balancing act
  8. Rethinking the skinny
  9. The statuesque inverted triangle
  10. Dressing your age

Top 10 categories:

  1. Body type (winner by far!)
  2. Casual wear
  3. Winter 2006/2007
  4. Instant style tips
  5. Wedding wear
  6. Event wear
  7. European style
  8. Men’s style
  9. Accessories
  10. Dress codes

Here are my favourite posts:

  1. High style in Hong Kong (my home town!)
  2. The pretty pear (so many people found this useful)
  3. Gap’s decline (fascinating industry story)
  4. Perfect pant lengths please (my pet peeve)
  5. Rethinking the skinny (I warmed to skinnies… especially for riding boots)
  6. The flop proof outfit (such an easy formula)
  7. Look slimmer in your clothes (skinny is unhealthy, but slimming never hurts)
  8. The power of accessories (the key to your fashion personality)
  9. Perfect polish (the importance of grooming)
  10. Wearing yellow (the “it” colour this season)

Perhaps you’d like to share some of your favourites?

A big thank you to all our subscribers, daily readers and occasional visitors for making our readership what it is today. It wouldn’t be the same without you.