Being fit and healthy is an important goal, but on the way there you can visually lose 10 of those extra pounds just by putting your clothes together in the right way. Here’s how:

  • Wear the right bra – this is where good style starts. Boosting your bust with the correct brassier accentuates your waistline by giving you curves in all the right places. 
  • Wear clothes that fit – do not disguise your shape under baggy items (you’ll look larger). Body-conscious clothes that hint at your curves, without being overly clingy, are the most flattering. Your clothes should be tight enough so that people can see that you are a woman; and loose enough so that people can see that you are lady.
  • Wear clothes best suited to your body type – whether you are a pear, apple, rectangle, hourglass or inverted triangle, refresh your memory on which shapes are best for you before you make your Spring shopping list.
  • Dress to show up your best features – make the nicest part of your body the focal point of your outfit. Shorter skirts for super legs, low necklines for pretty cleavages and sleeveless tanks for toned arms.
  • Wear sturdier fabrics – heavier fabrics that have drape and body will smooth and narrow your silhouette.
  • Wear heels – a  pair of heels slims down your curves by adding height. This works especially well when your pants are the correct length.
  • Scale down if you are petite – make sure you scale down the size of prints and pockets so they don’t overpower your figure if you are 5’3” or below.
  • Layer – wearing the correct pieces on top of one another works miracles. The extra interest of layers creates the camouflage where you need it most.  
  • Leave your jacket unbuttoned – the vertical line that is created when jackets and coats are left unbuttoned is slimming.
  • Wear V-necks – the shape of the V draws attention to your waistline and elongates the neck. A collared shirt left unbuttoned at the top will have the same impact.
  • Stand up straight – never underestimate the positive effect of good posture.

Think about these things when you get dressed in the morning, when you add new items to your wardrobe, and when you weed out your closet for the new season. It’ll soon become habit and you’ll look fab all the time.