Charlize Theron, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Kidman, Renee Zellwegger and Michelle Williams are amongst the most famous “inverted triangles”. You have broad shoulders, narrow hips, slender limbs, a straight waist, flat bottom and varying bust line. You are a rare breed and the least common body type found amongst women – the “pretty pear” being the most common female body type. It is interesting that it was your unique body type that was chosen to represent clothing best on the catwalk from about the 1960’s onwards. Twiggy started off this trend! Despite the fact that you are easy to dress – you’ll still want to think about how clothing affects your shape. Defining your waist and softening your shoulders is what you’ll need to think about most.

Defining your waist and softening your shoulders:

  • Look for tops in soft drapey material and avoid stiff fabrics without stretch.
  • Tailored shirts, V-neck wrap tops, and knitted tops with soft U-necklines will help define your waist.
  • Select knitwear, tops and jackets with waist belts, ties and ribbons to give you shape.
  • Layering knitwear or jackets with something soft and feminine underneath will also offer you definition where you need it.
  • Keeping your cardigans unbuttoned will soften your shoulders. Tops with soft sleeve treatment like raglans, dropped shoulder points and shoulder slits will also do the trick. Soft collarless tunics are a must for your body type.
  • You can wear any jacket length as long as it’s fitted to your waist. Keep the lapels small and consider collarless styles to narrow your shoulders.
  • Avoid high halter necks, puffed/gathered sleeves, boat necks, epaulettes and strappy tops. They will exaggerate the width of your shoulders.
  • Shift dresses, bias cuts and tunic dresses are best. Soft dresses with V-neck ruffle detail will also work.

Wearing it all at the bottom:

  • Your narrow hips and slim legs give you tremendous choice when it comes to pants – you can wear it all. You look particularly good in boot cut jeans and cargo pocket pants.
  • Choose skirts that add bit of shape and curve to your body. Knee length skirts with contoured waistbands, patch pockets on the front or back are good. Full circle, tiered, pleated, bias and gathered skirts are also excellent.
  • Avoid pencil skirts if you are fairly busty – they will emphasize your broad shoulders make you look top heavy.

If there is anyone that can wear this season’s high fashion “skinny pant” and tailored short shorts – it’s you!