As a personal dresser for DFSS, I attended a “bra seminar” about a year ago that was hosted by Chantelle (French Lingerie Company) at Nordstrom. It was brilliant!

Fact #1: Over 60% of women worldwide wear the incorrect bra size.

Generally speaking, women are wearing their cup sizes too small and their under-band widths too wide. If you thought you were a 36C, chances are that you’re a 34D. This is a common fault I encounter with the people I dress – most of them are initially horrified to be put into double and triple D’s after busting out of their C cups, but they’re happy with the results.

Fact #2: Cup sizes on bras are not created equally.

A “C” cup on a 38C is much larger than the “C” cup on a 32C. Do not be caught up with sizes ladies – going up a cup or two in your bra will often give you better shape and therefore instant gratification. Your bra should be the most important item in your wardrobe if you are a D cup or beyond.

Fact #3: A professional fitting could change your life.

Kiss spillage, knife cutting straps and lack of cleavage goodbye by getting yourself professionally fitted for the correct bra. Weight change, pregnancy, age and mastectomies change the shape of our bosom. Having yourself correctly fitted as often as these changes occur is ideal.

Nordstrom has perfected this service. Bra’s come in all shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics and their sales assistants are quick to spot what is best for your bosom shape, saving you a lot of time and hassle. In fact, subsequent to the Chantelle seminar, Oprah featured Nordstrom bras and their expert fitting assistants on one of her shows.

Whether it’s to enhance, minimize or lift – the right bra can transform your shape completely. Prioritize this on your shopping list if you haven’t already done so.