You are well-proportioned, but carry weight around your tummy and are therefore without waistline. Your slim legs are an asset but you’ll still want to think about how to balance them with the rest of your body. Creating shape and disguising your midriff will do the trick!

Create a waistline by dividing your torso:

  • LAYERING will de-emphasize the width of your midsection. Layer stretch wrap tops over fine knits. Wrap tops create curvature. They’ll create a “V- shape” that will give your body that hourglass look.
  • Look for tops that have fairly low necklines (especially V-neck) and lots of sleeve detail, like flares, slits, gathers, embroideries and cuff treatment – this will attract attention away from your torso. Tops that are ruched up the sides or centre will also hide your tummy.
  • Avoid tucking in your tops as you’ll need to emphasize those layers at all times.
  • Avoid crop tops and slinky skin tight knit tops that cling to every bulge that you wish to conceal.
  • You’ll look best in a short structured jacket that buttons below the bust line. This will once again create that “V-shape” for an hourglass effect. Make sure that it’s snug on the shoulders and nipped in at the waist. Sometimes, leaving your jacket open will create a long vertical line that cuts up the width of your torso and is therefore more flattering. Jacket lengths should finish at the top of your hips. Avoid belted and double breasted styles.
  • A very tailored classic long coat or jacket worn over a skirt and layered knit top combination all finishing on the knee, is an excellent formal look for you. Keep your coat open and show off those layers that are working for you.
  • Bias cut dresses and wrap knit dresses are good options because they create a waistline. Stay away from dresses made of delicate fabrics as they create “flouncy movement”, which you don’t want.

Add volume to your bottom half:

  • Choose flat front, semi low rise, boot cut, or flared pants and avoid pleats and gathers at all costs. Your jeans should also be semi low rise and always boot cut or flared. Choose bottoms that have stretch (at least 3%) – this will keep your midriff comfortable and give you optimum shape. Avoid wearing skinny tapered pants and skirts as this will accentuate your thin legs and make your top look even larger.
  • You can wear capris and walk shorts as long as you apply the same rules to those items as you did to your pants.
  • You were made for knee or calf length bias cut skirts. Avoid tiered skirt styles.
  • Avoid belts and waistline detail. Keep your pants and skirts simple and your waistline and as flat as possible.
  • Consider wearing Spanx.

This season’s long tees (5 May – “The longer length tee”) are perfect tummy concealing and layering solutions for you. Pair them up with a V-neck sweater, shrug or cropped structured jacket and you’ll look fab!