Do you feel like you don’t know where to start when it comes to shopping for clothes? Do you feel bombarded by fashion trends? Is resorting to comfy sweats your only solution to discouraging shopping experiences?

Here are some tips that might make you a more effective shopper:

Shop seasonally: Fashion and trends are always moving. They move at a faster rate for women then they do for men. The fashion industry therefore focuses on women first and men a bit later. While women certainly don’t need to update the majority of their wardrobe every season, it’s not stylish to look dated. Ideally you’ll need to shop for a certain amount of clothing and accessories every season, not only because trends change, but also because you change.

Shop with a plan: Wondering aimlessly from shop to shop, getting overwhelmed by what is on offer and not knowing where to look or what to select is enough to put anybody off shopping. What is your current body type and how does clothing affect it? What the trends for the new season? How do the new season’s trends translate into updated looks that are best for your body type, your budget and your lifestyle? Answer these questions, make a list, and you can then set about shopping for a wardrobe that satisfies all aspects of your life.

Shop to your current body type: It’s very important to dress (and therefore shop) for the body that you are currently in. Waiting until you’ve lost or gained weight is not the best idea. Despite the fact that it’s good to have personal weight goals, looking good now will make you feel better. A short term quick fix can therefore have positive long term effects!

Shop with focus: Once you know what works for your body and lifestyle, focus on only those items when you shop. You’ll automatically bypass styles that aren’t right for you, which will prevent frustration and save time. Pear shaped ladies should know not to entertain tapered pants; small busted rectangular shaped ladies know to look for high necklines; while apple shaped women can select bias cut skirts with confidence.

You don’t need to follow every fashion trend to be stylish. Dressing correctly for your body and appropriately for an occasion is a lot more stylish then shopping at a swanky boutique for designer clothing that’s unflattering. Your personal style begins and ends with a strong sense of yourself!