Marilyn Monroe was the quintessential “hourglass”, along with Selma Hayek, Penelope Cruz and Jessica Simpson. Your curvy proportions, shapely bust and defined waist give you bombshell potential! But you still need to think about the ways that your style affects your shape – defining your waist and lengthening your legs will do the trick.

Make your waist a focal point:

  • Choose garments in soft fabrics that accentuate and skim over your perfect curves. Avoid straight tunic styles and shapeless dresses and that hide your contours.
  • Your tops should be simple, smooth and low scooped.
  • Choose soft fitted blouses and shirts with open necklines. Avoid tops with breast pockets, ruffles and pleating. You’ll also look great in simple baby tees, wrap tops, halters and blousons.
  • You’ll look best in a top and fine knit cardigan as opposed to a sweater. In that way you’ll be creating a “deep V” that will draw attention to your tiny waist. Keep them at hipbone length and pop them over full trousers or pencil skirts.
  • High waisted belts (that sit on your natural waist) which are all the rage at the moment, are a must.
  • Belted trenches (at any length) and classic coats with narrow tailored lapels at knee length will look best. Choose short nipped waist jackets at hipbone length with fairly low buttoning detail.
  • Avoid bulky knits, jackets and tops – keep your fabrics soft and with stretch if possible.
  • Avoid the 1950’s boxy cropped jacket that is the height of fashion at the moment.

Choose the bottom to look taller and slimmer:

  • You’ll be able to wear those short shorts and skirts – by all means show off those super legs! Walk shorts are also a good choice, especially if you wear them with a heel.
  • Choose flat-front, low-waist, boot-cut or flared pants and jeans.
  • Stretch will always be most comfortable around your fullish bottom.
  • Avoid straight, tight and tapered leg fits as they will make you look bottom heavy. You’ll be able to wear most denim and corduroy cuts well.
  • Choose a pencil skirt with a narrow waistband and slightly tapered hemline just below the knee. Tuck in your top and accessorize with just about anything. You can also wear full-circle, tiered, bias and a-line skirts. You’ll also look fabulous in a sarong.
  • Wear heels whenever you can in order to create a taller, slimmer line.

Your body was made for dresses! Tailored sheaths, tank dresses, wrap, bias, strapless, slinky and anything else will look superb on you. If you’re an hourglass and you haven’t got at least 3 knitted wrap dresses in your cupboard right now – it’s a waste of your lovely body! You’ll find them in the dress department at Nordstrom’s, Macy’s and Bebe.