Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton, Sheryl Crow and Hillary Duff have their “boyish” rectangular frames in common. Your well proportioned body, lean limbs, straight waist and small chest make you look like an athlete without even trying. Despite the fact that you are easy to dress, you’ll still want to think about how clothing affects your body shape. Defining your waist and creating curvature both on top and on the bottom will do the trick.

Defining your waist and creating curves on top:

  • Choose high necklines for your small chest. You can wear a v-neck if you wear a round neck tank top or t-shirt underneath. Avoid scooped and sweetheart necklines. You may feel that this is flattering, but all it will do is show off an empty space. Cru, slash, turtle, polo, funnel and Armani necklines are perfect for you. You look particularly good in capped sleeve baby tees and sleeveless tank tops – show those wonderful arms off.
  • Choose tops with bust frills, rushing, breast pocket detail, front panel detail and pleating. Wrap tops are also good if appropriately layered underneath. Blouson tops will give you more shape. Blousing a tee or shirt slightly at the low waist with a belt will have the same effect.
  • Show off your back as an alternative to your lack of cleavage. Halter necks are a great option.
  • Your jackets are nicest at high hip bone and nipped in at the waist for shape. Avoid boxy styles. Choose tailored trenches and belted jackets or coats at any length to give you more shape and definition. You will look best in a classic single-breasted or double breasted coat.
  • Layer fitted garments together subtly – this is key to creating the curves that you want.
  • You are the only body shape that can wear a shift dress but will look equally good in bias cut dresses that are just below the knee.

Creating curves on the bottom:

  • The best way to create curves on a straight bottom is by wearing something very tight but not constricting. In this way, your body will automatically create curves. Your body was made for jeans. You’ll be able to wear any style, shape or length with any amount of detail. You’ll still look best in flat front, semi low rise, hip skimming boot cuts. Make the most of this privilege and get what’s most fashion forward if that’s your personal style.
  • Choose combat and cargo pocket pants at any length for casual attire. This type of detail will create the pretty mass that you need.
  • Avoid ultra low rises as they will make your torso look disproportionately long.
  • A pencil skirt just below the knee will also create curves. Tuck your blouse or shirt into your pants or skirt and have fun with belts as this will give you more shape. Heavier belts with eye catching interest will also help emphasize your waist.
  • Choose bias and voluminous a-line skirts either on the knee or on the calf as they will add bulk appropriately.

Spring is “a pants season” – have fun with it and buy funky combat pants and walk shorts if you don’t already have them!