This is a subject where I have no formal training or experience, but I do have strong feelings about it nonetheless. The correct amount of make up can certainly enhance our features and therefore improve the way we look. The incorrect amount will make us look like an opera star. I cannot stress enough that “less is more”. Very few people can get away with wearing absolutely nothing on their faces, but chances are high that they are actually wearing more than you think – it just looks as though they aren’t. This is the trick!  With a little bit of attention to the right detail, you can look polished in an effortless and natural way.

  • Skin – spend money on treatment rather than colour. Your skin is the most important part of your face. There is nothing more appealing than skin that is well taken care of (and remember to wear sunscreen every day).
  • Make up – if you feel that you need to wear foundation, spend time finding the correct one for your skin type and tone. Most importantly, you’ll need to look like you aren’t wearing any.  
  • Eyebrows – take special care grooming the second most important part of your face. A person’s face is framed by their brows. Eyes can be opened up and the face completely realigned by giving eyebrows the attention that they deserve. Have them shaped professionally if you can’t manage yourself. If they are light, dye them. If they are thin, pencil in the cracks. Make sure that the colour that you use matches your eyebrow colour perfectly. And apply the pencil in shadow form – harshly applied eyebrow pencil is unsightly.
  • Eyelashes – if you were blessed with thick dark lashes then good for you. If not, use dark brown mascara instead of black unless you are very dark. It will always give you a softer and more natural look. Apply just enough to keep you clog free.
  • Lips – gloss will look just as nice as colour. Keep your daytime colours extremely natural and go darker at night if you need to. The interest on your lips will always make you look more polished.
  • Cheeks – if you don’t have naturally rosy cheeks, apply a bit of the correct colour blush to your cheekbones. This is especially true in winter when we tend to look a bit more pale. It will give the impression that you look healthy and well despite the fact that you feel you are on the verge of collapse.

Eye shadow, eye liner and lip liner are best left for Oscar night. At the very least, take care of your pretty skin, groom and colour those brows and pop a bit of colour on your lips. In my opinion, you in your “almost natural” form is most stylish!