This timeless and “of the moment” outfit can take you almost everywhere. It’s forever-fashionable, casually comfortable, effortlessly chic, unfussy and safe. It cuts across age, fashion persona and body type because it’s adaptable. It’s what I call the “flop-proof outfit” and it is based on a simple formula:

smart denim + shirt or girly top + jacket + heels + statement bag

You can adapt these components a little further to suit your style and the season:  

  • Keep it classic with simpler silhouettes if you are a little older
  • Add the “it” a-line jacket if you are a trendy fashionista
  • Match up a boho babydoll if you like hippy chic
  • Sport the collegiate look with argyles and pinstripes
  • Stay avant guard if you prefer to dress in designer brands

T-shirts and sneakers are not the right items to add to this particular mix, because they take way the sophisticated element that you want to convey. This flop-proof way of dressing will take you to dinner parties, school functions, date nights, luncheons, smart casual events, less formal work days and most evenings out. Use accessories to dress the items up or down.
Now that smarter denim and trouser jeans have become an acceptable part of most dress codes, it’s wise to take advantage of this versatile way of dressing. Start introducing this tried and tested formula into your wardrobe and you won’t go wrong. 

Avant Guard

Different variations on the “flop-proof” outfit theme.