One of the fastest, cheapest and most effective ways to accomplish a stylish appearance is through accessories. The bag that you carry, the heel on your shoe, the specs that you wear and the scale of your jewelry speaks volumes about your style and personality.

I cannot stress enough how “accessories make the outfit”. Without the correct accessories – your look is not complete. It’s also the easiest way to capture a fashion moment. Adding the new bag and shoe of the season will instantly update your look – with or without the new clothing silhouette.

The accessory department is the first area that I am drawn to in any retail store. Because it’s the most practical way of defining a new look quickly, it’s also the first part of my wardrobe that I update in any given season. With accessories you can adopt new trends without wearing the new season’s the clothing – especially useful if the new clothes don’t suit your body type (like the seasons hottest pant silhouette). For example, for the frustrated early fashion adopters who can’t wear skinny jeans – opting for a plastic beaded necklace, a patent bag and wedged heels is an instant solution to their dilemma.

Accessorizing correctly is not easy. Your accessories should always complement your outfit – not compete with it. Once again, I am an advocate of “less is more”. Looking like a Christmas tree is a far cry from being stylish no matter how beautiful the individual pieces are. Knowing how to combine your accessories tastefully and correctly is something that you can learn.

Stay tuned for precisely this in blog entries to follow. In the meantime, you might want to look at Anthropologie for the odd accessory – they went on sale a few days ago.