There are no hard and fast rules dictating who can wear yellow and who can’t. Whether the colour will flatter you depends on your skin tone, eye/hair colour, which shade of yellow you choose and what you wear it with. I’ve dressed pale-skinned, green-eyed blondes in mustards, saffrons and neon tones with mod black and white. And I’ve dressed olive-skinned brown eyed brunettes in canary with cobalt.

Consider a yellow accessory if you love the color, but feel that you can’t wear it close to your face. There are plenty of sunny shoes and bags to choose from that are guaranteed to instantly refresh your Spring look.

 Materia Prima by Goffredo Fantini   
Tommy Hilfiger    MAXX NEW YORK 'Bridle' Oversize Triple Zip Satchel

Yellow sandals and flats (, Tommy Hilfiger satchel (Macy’s) and Maxx New York oversized tote (Nordstrom).