The streets are alive with fashion. A woman wearing skinny jeans over converse sneakers walks by – maybe the fifth example of this new look that I’ve seen in as many minutes. Right behind her is another wearing riding boots over skinnies (the look I had expected), paired with a bubble tunic. I’m surrounded by artful combinations of skirts and shorts with trendy boots. And with the cool temperatures, few people are passing up the opportunity to took ultra-chic in their trusty trenches. I’m back in Hong Kong and I love it!

It’s here that you’ll see men and women on the streets effortlessly adopting catwalk fashion trends with confidence and comfort. This is not to say that people aren’t casually dressed – they are, but oozing with style all the same. And not all dressed to the hilt in high-price designer wear either – everyday brands, local brands and treasures sold from hawkers on the street are equally popular. Dressing well is part of the culture, and shopping is a national pastime.

And the shopping! To say that Hong Kong is a shopping paradise is a gross understatement. Virtually every international brand and retail chain store is represented in this crowded and compact city, but fancier and with a better assortment. The Nine West store boasts a variety that I have never seen in the United States; and the party wear in British chain store Marks & Spencer is more elaborate then you’ll ever see in England.

I lived in Hong Kong for many years, and I return regularly. Each time I do I’m blown away by the incredible abundance of fashion coupled with a population that wears it with style every day.

Fancy, festive Nine West window in Harbour City, Hong Kong.