A parka is an extremely casual puffer jacket that comes in a variety of lengths, shapes, fabrics and colours. It’s a fabulous fashion statement as it continues to be reinvented with new kinds of trim, fabric and stitching. When quilted with down, it’s also the warmest coat you’ll ever own.  I’m partial to parkas with fake fur trim as they tend to look softer and more feminine.

You do need to be careful that your Parka doesn’t make you look bigger than you are…

  • Keep it shaped and structured – make sure that you choose a parka that has a defined waistline. This will keep your look refined and sophisticated. Bomber styles that blouson and welt below the waist are best suited to teenagers and juniors.
  • Choose a style with flatter quilting – don’t choose styles that are overly puffy.

The practical parka is perfect for a weekend look that’s sporty and chic.


Perfect Parkas available at Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom.