Most international fashion brands are represented in the Hong Kong retail sector. While it might seem silly to shop in stores that you can freely peruse back home, this can actually be a very good idea. Here’s why:

  • The stores have different merchandise – chain store fashion buyers buy in different products for different regions to meet the specific needs of the local target market. For example, there is a much bigger assortment of business casual and party wear in Hong Kong stores because of smarter and stricter dress codes.
  • There is a wider variety of merchandise – the assortments in stores are not only different – there is often also more variety and a better range of sizes. Unless you live in New York, Milan, Paris, or London, Hong Kong is likely to have more options in your favourite brands than the stores back home.
  • The products are often cheaper – stores in Hong Kong are often on sale. Whether it’s a swanky Hugo Boss shop, a fabulous Japanese department store, or a flirty little Chinese boutique – there always seems to be a bargain available. In Europe the brands are seldom on sale. American retail stores are much better about offering their customers “a deal”, but can’t compete with the deep discounts and frequency of Hong Kong sales.

Make sure that you look up familiar stores and brands when you visit Hong Kong – you won’t be disappointed.