I like the look of translucent gloss, but I battle with its sticky consistency. Nevertheless, I was convinced that there had to be something out there to satisfy my picky make-up persona. So after lots of unpressured collaboration with the staff at Sephora, I found two good solutions:

  • Cargo Purse lip gloss is especially non-sticky and feels just like lipstick. It isn’t quite as shiny, but that seems a fair tradeoff.
  • Shiseido Make-up lip gloss is so light and subtle that you’ll barely notice that you’re wearing it.

I’m still not a gloss girl (I prefer lipstick), but it’s nice to know that less gooey options are available. Are there any other non-sticky glosses that you can recommend?

Cargo Purse GlossShiseido Lip Gloss

These glosses are in the $16-$20 range at Sephora.