Pant length is the first aspect of an outfit that gets my attention, because lengthening your legs is always flattering. With Summer around the corner, it’s extremely important to make sure that you are sporting the best cropped pant length for your body type. Here are some guidelines:

  • At the knee is the most flattering length for most body types. For some women this will mean on the knee, and for others up to 4 inches below the knee. This length shows off your legs at their best because they’ll look their longest and slimmest. If you have shapely calves, you’ll want to accentuate their roundness, so don’t cover them up.
  • Between the base of your calf muscle and your ankle is the most difficult length to wear with style. Unless the capris are tight and you are tall with really slim and shapely legs, avoid this option because your legs will look shorter than they are. You’ll find that even lanky models sport this pant length with heels in order to elongate their legs (which leaves little hope for the rest of us).
  • Just above the ankle lengths are generally unflattering. I can appreciate this “of-the-moment” fashion look in tapered skinnies when matched with high heels on a the correct body type; but other than that, steer clear. 

Cropped pant lengths are not an easy one to get right. You might find yourself having to alter lengths for them to look best. You might even consider shortening some of the pairs you already have in your wardrobe.

Knee Length ensemble  Lauren by Ralph Lauren 'Tanya' Twill Capris Lucky Brand 'Tyler' Convertible Crop Pants

Flattering lengths from Ann Taylor and Nordstrom.

Ankle Length ensemble  David Kahn Jeans Stretch Wide Leg Crop PantsExclusively Misook Button Trim Crop Pants

Risky lengths from Ann Taylor and Nordstrom.